Guar Gum is a unique substance derived from GUAR plant with numerous usages. The industrial grade Guar gum powder works as an excellent additive for drilling fluids and mud on account of the unique characteristics it possesses.

Applications Used in the fracturing of oil wells, stimulation of oil wells, for mud drilling.

Used as a stabilizing, thickening and suspending agent for drilling fluids.

Used as a viscosity enhancer for maintaining the viscosity levels of the drilling fluids.

Advantages Helps in reducing friction in the holes, minimizing the requirement of power.

Helps in minimizing water loss.

Enables the drilling fluids to move waste from the deepest of holes.

Physical properties

Appearance :   White to nearly yellowish white powder and is nearly odorless.

Mesh size :      200,100, 400.

Viscosity :        7000 cps, 8000 cps.

Grade :            WGS 36-40, 40-45.

Packaging Available in 25 kgs net multi-wall paper bags with a polythene barrier.